Shelbi Wescott


15 Things About Me:

1. When I was six, my tap dance teacher suggested to my mom that I find a new dance studio after I ruined our recital by dancing my own version of “Button Up Your Overcoat.”

2. I love television. I have been/am addicted to: Battlestar Galactica, Breaking Bad, Homeland, Six Feet Under, Dexter, Freaks and Geeks, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, The Wire, The Walking Dead, Mad Men.

3. My husband and I own over 206 board games. We collect antique, vintage, and unique games. We also are serious Settlers of Catan players.

4. I lived in Japan after college and miss the country and my old apartment and the food and the people every day.

5. In high school and college, I worked at a movie theater and used to make people sing for their popcorn. This fact now depresses me and makes me insanely embarrassed for everyone involved and I am really sorry.

6. My first year teaching, I leaned over to pick up a pencil and my pants split open, exposing my underwear to a class of shocked and amused freshmen. That episode prompted my best piece advice for new teachers: Always keep a spare outfit in the car.

7. I met my husband in the first grade. I had a crush on him in high school when I heard him play the piano. But we didn’t date until after college.

8. I really love working with high school students. My creative writing students inspire me!

9. I asked my oldest son (4 years-old) what he loved about me most and he said: “You write books. And you’re nice. And you read books to me.”

10. I asked my youngest son (2 years-old) what he loved about me and he said: “Books. Milk. Bye-bye.” Interpret as you wish.

11. Musical theater was my first major of choice, but then I realized that my inability to dance really hindered my future on Broadway. So, I have settled for just belting out show tunes during karaoke sessions.

12. I have a real weakness for Junior Mints.

13. When I was younger, I used to love horror movies, but now they scare me too much and I can’t watch them. I legitimately freak out and hear ghosts everywhere. My next plan is to write a ghost story that scares me as I write it!

14. I got kicked out of a local Young Republicans convention for misrepresenting the party’s ideologies while I was running the “Ask a Young Republican” booth.

15. In the fifth grade, a homeless man was holding a sign that said “Jokes for a Dollar.” I bought a joke from him and to this day it is the only joke I know.