Shelbi Wescott

The System (Virulent Book 2)

The System -For Amazon copy “We’ve got this,” Grant said and he took his right hand off the steering wheel and reached over to give Lucy a comforting pat. She leaned in to his touch and let his hand linger on her shoulder. “Seriously, Lula…at the risk of sounding insensitive…what’s the worst that could happen?”

The System is on the rise. Grant and Lucy have arrived in Brixton, Nebraska — but instead of a reunion with Lucy’s family they have found a desolate and deserted ghost town. Together they will have to unlock the secrets buried there. Back in Oregon, Ethan’s health is in rapid decline. He needs surgery to survive. Principal Spencer fulfilled his promise and delivered a doctor, but will she and the other newcomers be able to save his life.

The System is Book 2 in the Virulent Trilogy.

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