Shelbi Wescott

For Educators

Are you a secondary educator? Are you looking for high-interest titles to use in your classroom? Shelbi Wescott wrote Virulent: The Release with the new Common Core Standards in mind. After a discussion among her department colleagues about the lack of high-interest texts that fit with the new measures for text complexity with Common Core, Wescott wondered if it were possible to write a book with rich vocabulary, an 11th/12th grade Lexile score, and a story that could interest students at a variety of levels. The YA audience is Wescott’s core demographic; but she believes that even books that were written for entertainment are teachable and valuable in a classroom setting.

Several educators have walked Virulent into their classrooms and found success.


– Teacher testimonials about their student reactions to Virulent

– Lesson plans (including discussion questions for literature circles, vocabulary lists, formative and summative assessments, etc.)

– Information on discounts for class-sets of the paperback novel